Our Entertainers Are The Best In The Business

All Professionally Trained!

We have a wonderful team here at Cheeky Little Events.


Our entertainers are the best in the business, all trained entertainers.


Having professional dancers, singers and actresses ensures the level of interaction is second to none.
Its with this performance background and an engaging ‘Cheeky Little’ training process, which allows the Cheeky Girls to provide captivating birthday parties and event solutions; week in, week out!


Get to know our team below – put a face to a name and maybe get to know some juicy gossip?!?

CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)


The banana brains behind Cheeky Little Events and the biggest kid of them all!!!


She is energetic, fun and very very talkative… she couldn’t possibly live without her doggie Pixie, her favourite colour is green, she loves cookies and cream ice cream and she likes to steal her sisters sweets…


Whizz Kid


With Muscles like superman and the nimbleness of spiderman, Dan is our cheeky little design whizz kid!!!


His Favorite transformer – Optimus Prime follows him everywhere he goes…and their favorite colour is battleship grey. He couldn’t possibly live without his Dubstep music and is often found eating slugs with chocolate biscuits at the bottom of the garden!!!


Dan is a hardworking, laid back and very funny monkey!



Davina is madly in love with her Teddy “Dibo”… he moved all the way to Dubai from the Uk with her and sometimes comes to parties with her!!!


She is a generous, caring, fun loving chocolate chip ice cream eater and just loves dancing with her walkman in her ears!!!



This little pocket rocket really does have as much energy as a rocket!!! She is funny, energetic and never stops!!!


She couldn’t live without her Starbucks tea, her favourite ice-cream is Belgium chocolate and her first doll was called Polly… you will often find Emma in Starbucks or on the stage somewhere – she is quite a celebrity here in Dubai!!



Georgina is Happy, creative and energetic, her fav colour is blue.


She cannot live without chocolate and music and her favorite icecream is mint choc chip.


Georgina loves to dance around with her sister and friends in the garden as well as making human pyramids.



Hannah is Fun, Energetic and super caring! Her favourite colour is pink and she couldn’t live without her mum and dad and of course her teddy Pooh!


Hannah loves Raspberry ripple icecream and once when she was 7 she went on holiday to Florida she got lost in Kennedy Space Centre… she cried and came across an employee who took her to a huge kids play area, gave me a free monkey teddy in a space suit and made an announcement to her parents through the tannoy to tell them where she was. When they turned up to collect her , she didn’t want to leave and they waited half an hour for her to finish playing.



This Crazy, Loveable and Energetic Cheeky girl loves to play hide and seek with her cat and put him into all sorts of hiding places around the house, She then makes her brothers and sisters go to find him!


She loves Phish food ice cream her fav colour is pink and she couldn’t live without her Doggy Molly!



The banana brains behind Cheeky Little Events and the biggest kid of them all!!!


She is energetic, fun and very very talkative… she couldn’t possibly live without her doggie Pixie, her favourite colour is green, she loves cookies and cream ice cream and she likes to steal her sisters sweets…



Jared is one of our fab boy entertainers, funny, caring and easy going he has been dancing since he can remember, he has a strange obsession with cartoons and when he was small he wanted to be a pilot!


He loves meeting new people and having great times with friends and family.


Jared’s fav colour is coral and ice cream…. anything with caramel
Jared is scared of the dark and once he ran full speed into a wall… epic! He cant live without Cheetos!



Jessica is full of energy and a bundle of fun! She is always super smiley!

Her favourite colour is purple, her Favourite Ice cream is chocolate and she couldn’t live without dancing!

Jessica’s First teddy was a cute rabbit called Fudge. And When she was a toddler she lived in the Carribean and spent the majority of the day in the swimming pool, unfortunately chlorine and blonde hair didn’t mix too well and her hair turned green!!!!!!! Jessica and her brother thought it was great as it was the era of the Ninja turtles!!!!


Kaycie is Fun, Sociable, and energetic. She cannot live without Jelly gummy sweets, She love jellies, she eats them every day.


Her fav ice cream is Strawberry Cheesecake and her first teddy is Snowy the snowman, he is super soft and snuggly.


When she was a little girl she wanted gold fish for Christmas, when she woke up there were two next to her bed… she named them bubbles and candy!



She is a very bubbly, outgoing and thoughtful little girl, she cant live without Teddy (who she still sleeps with today!!).


She once thought it was a good idea to put peas up her nose whilst playing (don’t try this at home) her mum took her to the hospital and the doc thought they would have to operate to get them out but she sneezed them out and got a certificate for being a good sneezer!!



We call her SUPER Lesley! She is Happy, Generous and so much fun!
Her fav colour is yellow and she could simply not live without Birthday cake!!!


When she was a little girl her and her teddy “Samantha the dog” were pretending to be cats, she followed her cat out of the cat flap but got stuck halfway through with her big frilly knickers on display!!!!



Lucia Loves IRN BRU ice cream ( Dubai we are missing out!!!!) she has ragdoll called Sally and her favourite colour is orange.

Our determined, ambitious and driven Lucia once watched Home Alone and thought it was a great idea to cover every wooden floor, door, table surface with bubble bath and washing up liquid…. It was safe to say Lucia’s mummy did not find this amusing!

Lucia could not live without skype.



Lucy and her Doll ‘Bubs’ love bubblegum ice cream and their favourite colour is pink…


She is the most relaxed, happy and positive person we know and if she could she would live at Disneyland!!



This beautiful German speaking Cheeky peep has been with us for a very long time!


Emotional, honest and extremely loyal, Nadja doesn’t just have one favourite colour she has two! Blue and Yellow!


Her favourite ice cream is Ben & Jerry and her teddy goes by the name of Hasi. She cannot live without: Sports, Music, Chocolate and her husband.



This total animal lover is Creative, talkative and energetic!
Her first 2 teddies were called Puppy and Beaver and they were always together. She cannot live without her cat Logan and her fav icecream is Coconut…. YUM!


Once her mum left her in a room for a few minutes with her mascara, thinking she was far too young to know how to open it. She came back…..and Natascha had decorated her entire face with mascara haha!!



Roberta is loved by adults and children alike!!!


She couldn’t possibly live without chocolate and her favourite ice cream raspberry ripple. Her Teddy Geoffrey Moses likes to hang out with us in the Cheeky HQ and play with all the toys we have in the storage area. He also makes great tomato soup!!!


Roberta is a funny, caring and a ‘Positive Pam’ kinda girl!!!!



Only our Sara could have a teddy who is a huge green Orvil the duck!


Loud, loving and silly Sara loves the colour purple, her fav ice cream is Mint choc chip…


When she was 7 she was in the school play ground and sara and her friend where taking it in turns to spin eachother around. It was Sara’s turn to get spun but they got alittle close to a wall and her friend let go! She went face first into a brick walk and was knocked out! When she Woke up she had a lump on her forehead the size of an egg!


She couldn’t live without my family (and chocolate)



This “Lover of Life” loves her toy dog called Bonnie! She got Bonnie when she was 3 years old and still has her to this day!


Her Favourite ice cream is IRN BRU (you can take the girl out of Scotland…) She cannot live without Hershey’s chocolate and her fav colour is sparkly pink.


When she visits Scotland she has girl-band rehearsals with her two best friends…the stage is an old tree stump and their microphones are tree branches!!


This Cheeky Peep is certainly Bubbly, energetic and loud – and thats why we LOVE her!


she once got her head stuck in between some railings because she was trying to get into a park to play on the swings but the park was closed!


Her favourite colour is Purple and her adores caramel ice cream


She Cannot live without her iPod as she needs to listen to music every day And her teddy is called Paddy!

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