Cheeky Carnival Circus Party



Full of colour and atmosphere, the children will have so much fun going from stall to stall, learning different game techniques and then being brought together for the best interactive games.

Party Program

Check out what you can expect from this party program –


rocket Circus Training
As the children arrive they have the chance to practice the diablo, mini stilt walking and plate spinning.

rocket Carnival Stalls
Hook the duck | Tin can shoot | Ringtoss | Ball in bucket.


rocket Balloon Bending
Each child will receive a simple balloon animal or shape.


rocket Lion Taming
Tag inspired game.


rocket Egg And Spoon Relay
Children are split into teams.


rocket Walk the Tightrope
Along a piece of material is marked out as the tightrope, the children are blindfolded and one by one have to walk along the beam listening to the ringmaster who may make them do funny things as they walk, their aim is to stay on the beam!


rocket Training Seals
Hula hoop jumping.


rocket Beware Of The Snake
Long rope is used to be the snake and the children have to jump over the snake without being bitten….


rocket Dancing Circus Style
Musical statues with a twist.


rocket Stilt Race
In two teams, we race our opponents using mini orange stilts.


rocket Carnival Parade
All the children have to follow the ringmaster in this wonderful circus parade!!!

note We give trophies, medals and prizes throughout the duration of the party to all children All games are non elimination


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4-6yrs, 7-12yrs, Over 13yrs