Cheeky Graduation Party



Graduating is an exciting experience for any child… this is the perfect way to celebrate your youngsters important milestone… whether it be at your home or in the classroom, we can make it a party to remember for everyone.

Party Program

Check out what you can expect from this party program –

rocket (Please note that we can incorporate any theme into a Graduation Party – i.e Pirate and Princess, Sport etc….)


rocket Arrival
Girls will have glitter and mini makeovers, boys can have their hair styled and sprayed with cool, funky colors.


rocket The Cheeky Crew Says
A different version of Simon Says but with music.


rocket Whose A Little Cheeky Monkey
Children in a circle, they pass Bertie the Bug around and when it lands on them its time to be a monkey….. very funny!!


rocket Monkey Musical Statues
With a twist and non-elimination.


rocket Cheeky Ball Rally
Great for getting the children to run around and interact.


rocket Cheeky Pompoms
Dance game.


rocket Glitter Tattoos
Fantastic stencils applied to the children’s arms using hypoallergenic face-paint and glitter.


rocket Parachute Games
Waves game, all change game, see saw, weather report, cheeky circus tent, cat and mouse, cheeky monkey in the middle (some or all may be played depending on age and time).


rocket Cheeky Limbo Fun
Test how low you can go under the limbo rope.


rocket Pass The Parcel/Treasure Hunt
Depending on which option you would like.


rocket Monkey Knot
Children in a circle holding hands they have to create a massive monkey knot.


rocket Pass The Diploma Relay Race
In two teams, students race each other passing a diploma to the next runner.

note We give trophies, medals and prizes throughout the duration of the party to all children All games are non elimination


For More Info Or To Book This Party – Contact A Member Of The Cheeky Team Today!


4-6yrs, 7-12yrs, Over 13yrs