Cheeky Jungle Party



Jungle Party – some of the funniest games and activities are found in this party… leaving your little explorers giggling all the way home. Mask making, animal antics and treasure hunts…

Party Program

Check out what you can expect from this party program –

rocket Balloon Bending
As the children arrive – great ice breaker and allows for late comers.


rocket Create Your Own Animal Mask
Children will have the chance to make their very own animal mask. They can wear them at the end of the party for the jungle parade (This will be removed from program if only the games option is chosen).


rocket Jumping Giraffes
Pompom dancing.


rocket Leopards Limbo
Test how low you can go under the limbo rope.


rocket Jungle Hunt
Items hidden around garden, children have to search for them while the music is playing.


rocket Best Monkey Contest
Let the children show off their best Monkey impersonations, the silliest, loudest and cheekiest monkey’s welcome!!


rocket Hungry Lions
Tag Game: one or two children will be the “Hungry Lions” and the rest will be the “Antelopes”. The Lions must chase and try to catch the antelopes if they are caught they must freeze and wait to be freed by the other antelopes.


rocket Glitter Tattoos
Fantastic stencils applied to the children’s arms using face-paint and glitter.


rocket Slithering Snakes
Use the rope or ribbon as the snake- put children into 2 teams and take it in turns to chase the snake to try and stand on him and stop him wriggling.


rocket Crocodile River Rafting
In two teams, children have to make their way across the crocodile infested river by only using lily pads. Watch you don’t fall in or you’ll end up all the way back at the start. Prizes will be given to the fastest team to make it across.


rocket Jungle Parade
Let the children show off their amazing, creative masks they made upon arrival – all cheeky monkey’s welcome!

note We give trophies, medals and prizes throughout the duration of the party to all children All games are non elimination


For More Info Or To Book This Party – Contact A Member Of The Cheeky Team Today!


4-6yrs, 7-12yrs