Cheeky Princess Party



From a fairytale story to a magical treasure hunt, this party is perfect for all little princesses… packed with the perfect games, bubbles and glitter tattoos.

Party Program

Check out what you can expect from this party program –

rocket ** The entertainer can come dressed as your favourite princess**
Firstly we like to make the fairytale feel real as we sprinkle fairy dust and tell of our enchanted princess life in the castle far far away…


rocket Princess And The Pea Game
The children get a chance to sit on all of the four pillows we have they have to guess which pillow the pea (ball) in under…


rocket Balancing Act
The children have to line up and try and walk across the other side of the room whilst balancing a book on their heads.


rocket Princess Musical Statues
Dance to the music and when the music stops, freeze.


rocket Princess Limbo
Test how low you can go under the limbo rope.


rocket Pompom Princess Game
Dance with the pompoms to your favourite songs.


rocket Parachute Game
Create shapes and waves with the parachute.


rocket Pass The Frog Prince Game
Similar to pass the parcel.


rocket Treasure Hunt
Search for as many princess jewels as you can.


rocket Princess Clean Up
Collect as many balls as you can and try to catch our cheeky entertainer to put them back in the princess bag.


rocket Glitter Tattoos
Fantastic stencils go onto the children’s arms with hypoallergenic face-paints and glitter.

note We give trophies, medals and prizes throughout the duration of the party to all children All games are non elimination


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1-3yrs, 4-6yrs, 7-12yrs