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Cheeky Wild West Party



Cowboys and Cowgirls will love this line dancing, hat shaking, lasso linking party – its the ultimate hoedown.

Party Program

Check out what you can expect from this party program –


rocket Balloon Bending
Each child will receive a simple balloon animal or shape.


rocket Wild West Ball Rally
Grab the balls as fast as you can and get them back in the bag.


rocket Line dance musical statues
Do your best line dancing and when the music stops remember to freeze.


rocket Sidewinder Jump
In this western party game, children must avoid the “bite” of a rattler – a 10-foot rope.


rocket Keep Your Hat On
We Divide your western party group into two teams. Line the kids up on one side of the playing area, and put one chair for each team on the other side.

The players must put on a cowboy hat, run to their chair, around it, and back passing the relay leg to the next person in line. If the hat falls off, they have to pick it up – and start from where it fell off. The team to finish first – wins.


rocket Pin The Tail On The Horse
At cowboy birthday party, you can have some fun with classic Pin-the-Tail game. Have the kids pin the tail on the horse where it belongs.


rocket Cowboys and Sheriffs
Here is a great cowboy birthday party game to play outside on a hot summer day. We divide the kids into two groups (“cowboys” & “sheriffs”). We will give cowboys time to hide in the area and then have the sheriffs try to find them. When they do, a squirt-gun war will break out. (Be sure to ask the kids to bring change of clothes if you decide to include this game).”


rocket Squirt-Gun Sharp Shooting
Set up lightweight plastic bottles on a fence or table, and have the kids shoot them off for points.


rocket Western Tag
This game creates a fun atmosphere for your Cowboy birthday party as we play a one-legged game of tag!


rocket Glitter Tattoos
Fantastic stencils go onto the children’s arms with hypoallergenic face-paints and glitter.


rocket Wild West Treasure Hunt
Search the area for some wild west goodies!

note We give trophies, medals and prizes throughout the duration of the party to all children All games are non elimination


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4-6yrs, 7-12yrs, Over 13yrs